About Us

A hike along an empty track. A trail through the woods. A run of untouched powder. A trek shared with friends. A greeting along an ancient route. A vista unfolding in front of you. A camp set up beneath the stars. A land untouched by civilization. A path forged only by you.

The sight of mountain peaks stir deep emotion within us. Water may have been out first love, but the mountains keep calling us back. We want you to be able to showcase those hikes, ski runs, bike trails that you share with those closest to you. To complete a trail, no matter the length or elevation is an achievement, we want you to celebrate and showcase it.

Our first love was the water, but now we want you to share the mountains with those who you love. Trails takes topographical data and creates a personalised map showcasing the distance and elevation of a trail, track, hike or ski. Like our Waterscapes range, each map is designed with meticulous detail and all materials are carefully considered. From Saturday morning hikes to week-long pilgrimages, share your journey with those who are closest to you.

Pangea was the first supercontinent which, over 300 million years, broke up into the 7 continents we know today. It is the coastlines, lakes, peaks and valleys of these continents that form our outdoor playground, and inspire what we do. We hope that our maps can help people to connect with their environment by appreciating it from a whole new perspective.

Pangea Maps is a young company with a love of all things outdoors, from the ocean depths to the mountain peaks. At the helm, is Tom Percy, who shares a vision of taking your outdoor memories, and transforming them into unique artwork. Our maps are at the intersection of art and cartography.